WILD theme for Maison & Objet 2016 Paris

Published on : Monday, January 25, 2016

M&O Paris logoMAISON & OBJET is a major event for all design and interior décor professionals. The lifestyle show brings together a 360° product offering – furniture, accessories, textiles, fragrances, the world of children, tableware – all styles of design which enliven our spaces.

MAISON & OBJET 2016 PARIS is being held from January 22 to 26. The show’s Observatory, which sets the theme for each edition, has chosen a “Wild” theme for the ongoing event. Nature takes over, expressing itself in all its first states, from the wild to the sacred. When confronted with a world formatted by technology, urbanization and excessive domestication, the imagery gets wilder off the beaten tracks, and finds refuge in the innocence of an essential, preserved landscape, untouched. Contemporary creation convenes wild spirits. Forms and materials reconnect with elements to be in line with Mother Earth.

The Inspirations Forum has chosen François Bernard as the scenographer who will bring the “wild” theme to life in the show’s Inspirations Space. The space opens with the original idea of wild, capturing the mood of the deep forest. It continues with the concept of an urban wildness found in the interstices of the city, but also in the architecture of residential and commercial landscapes. And the last section of the exhibition presents a more spiritual dimension of the theme, addressing sacredness and rituals.

This Inspirations Space will be extended through the Wild Café-Bookstore, designed by Elizabeth Leriche focusing on the theme of the Inspirations Book, with select works illustrating the bibliography. Lastly, the conference space will provide opportunities to explore the theme in greater depth and reposition it in the broader context of current trends.

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