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In aid of the lightening speed of the internet we have substantiated ourselves as an indispensable mode of two-way interaction. Our different customised advertising options are based on state-of-the-art information technology solutions.

  • Direct link to advertisers’ website
  • Attractive high-res advertisement in the flipbook
  • Live advertisement in archive issues

Furniture & Accessories Europe offers a unique opportunity in an interactive digital format that gives your advertisement campaign a new dimension. Readers can directly navigate to the advertisers’ website through live links in the magazine. Furthermore, links to videos and digital brochures can also be arranged.

  • Direct link to advertisers’ website
  • Widest reach one can ever expect
  • .gif/flash ad banners

Advertisers can cash the wonderful opportunity to reach potential customers at one click through our bi-monthly e-newsletter. Subscribers sign up for the newsletter to keep themselves abreast with the latest happenings in the industry. It reaches approximately 100,000 inboxes within seconds.
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  • Direct link to advertisers’ website
  • Key positions to attract visitors
  • Run-of-site banners is the most comprehensive engine for the furniture industry of Europe. Programmed in an easy-to-navigate format, this website can brag to be the most content-rich in the industry. With a massive traffic, this website is storehouse of latest news, blogs and columns, events updates, past editions, visitors’ comments and a lot more.
The web banners in the website are situated at the perfect positions to catch visitors’ attention. Furthermore, run-of-site banners increase probability of a hit by thousand times. On request we also arrange translation of advertising materials, printing and region-specific inland mailing.

E-mail Broadcasting

We offer customised e-blast services to reach your audience within flash of a second. If you are looking for a spectacular media that can promote your fair in no time, or wondering of an engine that can popularise your brand identity, join hands with us; we have state-of-the-art ideas in aid of your promotional campaign.

Use internet’s lightening speed to knock down competition, get rid of all the age-old procedures of printing, posting, freighting and most importantly narrow down your expenditure to a minimal. Opt for the smartest alternative, an e-mail marketing service. Try our e-mail broadcasting engine to promote your business in your budget.

Massive network and 90,000 associates from 195 countries can help in stretching your boundary like no one else. Furthermore, country specific e-mailing can be direct and at the same time cost-saving.

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