VITA Copenhagen presents three new designs

Published on : Monday, October 3, 2016

VITA Copenhagen had a busy September, presenting some wonderful new designs last month. They introduced VITA Eos micro white – a “petite” lampshade with a bold message; VITA Sine felt grey – a lampshade perfect for both the visual and the tactile senses; and VITA Tripod base – an ingenious tripod that can adapt its height in just seconds.

VITA Eos MicroVITA Eos Micro

With its ‘petite’ allure and cute charm, the new VITA Eos Micro is the smallest version of the VITA Eos family of lampshades.

An epitome of beauty and elegance, the VITA Eos Micro will be an enchanting centerpiece on the coffee table or desk, as well as a great addition to any cosy corner or little space missing a distinctive look. For a creative and playful touch, the VITA Eos Micro lamps can be used in exquisite pairs, or they could be mixed and matched with different other sizes and colours of the VITA Eos lampshade family to obtain beautiful decorative clusters.






Combining a fascinating shape with a seductive material, the VITA Sine is the newest design from VITA copenhagen. Its harmonious organic pattern contrasts symmetry and asymmetry, dark and light, grey and white, ups and downs, creating a remarkably different look depending on the angle from which it’s viewed, and imprinting an apparent motion and a dynamic vibe to the lamp.

Designer Miklos Leits explains, “This timeless contemporary piece is reminiscent of the perpetual oscillation of a smooth sine wave. Depending on the position of the observer, the shape of the lamp constantly alternates between symmetry and asymmetry, making it seem alive.”

The tactile sense is as much delighted as the sight sense. The smooth layer of felt conveys a distinctive character and creates a cosy feel, evocative of the Nordic style and philosophy. Exquisite, intrinsically simple, yet with an attitude twist, the VITA Sine comes as a flat-packed lamp- shade that can be assembled without glue or any tools. Hidden zippers along the edges transform the 2-D flat geometric shapes into a stunning 3-D silhouette.

VITA Tripod Base


VITA Tripod Base

The VITA Tripod Floor and the VITA Tripod Table let you turn any lampshade into a floor or table lamp in just seconds. But how about that lamp you want to have on the floor or that tiny lampshade that needs a ‘petite’ tripod? The VITA Tripod Base is just the answer! With an ingenious construction, the VITA Tripod Base is an adjustable 2-in-1 tripod. Its elegant and sturdy legs can be placed either in a ‘low’ or in a ‘high’ position, making it a versatile design for multiple lamps and purposes. Twist, transform and be creative!

The VITA Tripod Base combines its ingenious functionality with a bold and minimalistic design. The sleek and elegant look evokes the Scandinavian feel and aesthetics. Made of aluminium, and available in both a black and a white version, the VITA Tripod Base offers great stability yet is light in weight.


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