Velvet Colours – four new shades introduced of HI-MACS

Published on : Thursday, February 2, 2017

hi-macsr_velvet_colours_2017_rgb_300dpiMink, Evergreen, Cosmic Blue and Suede come together to create atmospheric finishes for HI-MACS, the highest quality solid surface material. The new Velvet Colours range takes inspiration from the beauty of the natural world including rich organic pigments and tactile materials such as leather and raw clay. They will add a balanced and authentic sophistication to any environment.


Surround yourself with the depth of Evergreen. A classic tone inspired by our need to revert back to nature and to connect with our surroundings. This colour rests between warm and cool within an environment bringing the outside in and creating an atmosphere of calm. This crafted and organic green can work alongside natural wood furniture and textiles within cosmopolitan spaces.


Add a modern elegance with Cosmic Blue. With a dark undertone this blue has structure and holds a certain power that demands to be noticed. Taking influence from textiles of the fashion industry and in particular denim, Cosmic Blue is the perfect alternative to a monotone colour scheme and this tone imbues richness wherever it is used. Couple with deep wood or metal-framed furniture, or alongside copper or bronze accents for the ultimate finish to any space.


Discover silky luxury with Mink, a warm and comforting tone that is sure to offer a velvet finish to any project. Add a dynamic element to an ordinary interior with this subtle grey. This solid surface works effortlessly with other neutrals bringing positive warmth to otherwise all white interiors. The chic finish of Mink offers an inviting softness and has a wholesome appeal that is perfect for sophisticated spaces, especially where mixed with organic wood or ceramic.


Channeling Minimalism in its purest sense, Suede offers the industry a new neutral that strips back a space revealing only what is essential. Inspired by raw ceramics and natural untreated finishes this colour offers an alternative to stark white with a balancing and tranquil feel. Use alongside hints of gold in commercial spaces with high levels of activity.



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