Tortillas in Space: Die Wäscherei presents new series

Published on : Friday, August 14, 2020

Between retro love and space age: The Hamburg design store Die Wäscherei has launched a new furniture series. The Tortilla collection allows countless colour and cover variations for sofa, armchair and bed. The new furniture collection of the famous Hamburg store is no exception: the striking design combines retro charm with futuristic borrowings for a strong contrast to the everyday.

The contrasting seat and back cushions appear straight-line and minimalist, the soft curves and details like the walnut legs make it nonetheless comfortable. Both the cover of the body and the individual cushions can be selected and combined in every desired variation. Velvet plus leather, black and white, space grey or bang blue, there are no limits to your own creativity and make the final furniture to a very individual design object.

Inspired by Mondrian, Yves Klein and retro love

The design benefits from numerous sources of inspiration. The flowing forms of the 1960s and 70s and the style-defining moon landing are unmistakable. Piet Mondrians art can be found in the idea of “Color Blocking”, which is popular again today. The signature color Juke Blue, on the other hand, is inspired by the creative spirit and mastermind of the Pop Art movement Yves Klein, or rather to his famous colour. Tortilla is a bold mixture of these styles and impressions – including a good portion of absurdity, as so often in the designs of the extravagant furniture store from Hamburg.

The special in-house creation is so striking that the German Design Council is paying close attention and the sofa was nominated for the German Design Award 2021. 2020, the furniture store was already able to win this prize from the expert jury with its furniture series CREDO. Michael Eck, managing director of Die Wäscherei, is happy about the nomination: “Tortilla is a small provocation towards the industry. We are seeking real innovation and creativity for our customers. For this we have developed this collection consciously daring outside of known design patterns – but there we feel the most comfortable anyway.”

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