Tom Dixon transforms a Clerkenwell Church into co-working space

Published on : Monday, May 30, 2016

tom dixon CDW churchThis year for the Clerkenwell Design Week, Tom Dixon took over the St James Church, transforming it into a co-working space and restaurant. The designer collaborated with Andrew Baughen – the Vicar of the classic 17th century church – where he saw the potential for the building to be used as a workspace by the residents of Clerkenwell.

New furniture and lighting has been installed inside the church to convert the building into a co-working space. Dixon says, “Andrew Baughen saw the potential of making this unique building available to the daytime residents of Clerkenwell, the creative workforce and a place for the residential community to use as a resource.”

Inside the main congregation area, Dixon’s geometric Curve lights are arranged in a grouping. Their nickel silver coating contrasts with the brightly coloured stained glass window, and their punctured shades transmit light as a filtered glow.

Close to the altar, an area with chairs and tables allows visitors to sit down and relax. Upstairs, a co-working space open to the public is furnished using Dixon’s chairs and tables.

Elaborating more, Dixon shares, “The partnership involved us installing a co-working environment and a kitchen, all to be donated as permanent fixtures once the Design Week juggernaut rolls out of town.”

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