Tajimi Custom Tiles to have global launch

Published on : Saturday, October 31, 2020

Tajimi Custom Tiles, the new brand based in Tajimi, the historic center of the Japanese tile industry, creates custom-tailored tiles catering to architects and designers globally.

For the global launch of Tajimi Custom Tiles, the Japanese brand will showcase an exclusive exhibition of two experimental installations by the designers Max Lamb (UK) and Kwangho Lee (KR) to take place on October 31 – November 3, 2020 in Tokyo.

The two installations to be revealed in Tokyo at the end of October including several-large scale objects, were born out of collaborations with Max Lamb and Kwangho Lee. Max Lamb designed a set of modular, 3-dimensional tiles that can create countless shapes, using local Japanese tiles and production methods. The resulting objects can perform as chairs, tables, benches or partition walls.

Kwangho Lee created a module with a section in the form of a looped line, that can be stacked horizontally or vertically to form various objects such as separation walls or benches.

The region of Tajimi is home to more than 1,300 years of ceramic history and tradition. The variety of skills and techniques passed down through generations, which has become the local industry’s defining strength, led to the concept of bespoke tiles: In the same way that a bespoke tailor draws on considered dialogue, quality materials and technical expertise, Tajimi Custom Tiles creates unique custom-tailored tiles in any size, shape, color or texture for architects and designers, combining careful consultation with innovation and the highest quality.

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