Rug’Society launches new product range

Published on : Monday, October 25, 2021

Rug’Society launches new product range 2021 and enriches rug sector with unique collection. The latest rug design from the Rug’Society creative transform rug into art pieces


Rug’Society wanted to elevate its compositions to the next level and created new rugs that combine new techniques of manufacturing with irreverent designs.

With a neutral and simple design, the RUIN rug is inspired by the beauty of the ruins and with it, brings a little of its historical importance to our home. A modern runner rug that will make you travel back in time.

GRAFF is a modern rug inspired by the urban art that we are used to seeing in our urban daily living. GRAFF is a tribute to the form of art and expression of graffitis and it is the perfect rug to bring irreverence to the home decoration. A 100% hand-tufted rug in Botanical Silk.

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