Rug’Society :fuses traditional deluxe style with contemporary vibe

Published on : Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Furnishings should be appealing, stylish, and most of all, alluring and appropriate for the person residing within those walls. Rug’Society is a brand catering special attention to these fine areas by curating products with a new, contemporary twist; fusing handcrafted tradition with influences from the arts and lifestyle to create elegant, one-of-a-kind rugs. The handcrafted heritage allows Rug’Society to create timeless rugs by mixing different styles, visions, and artistic styles.


Agata Rugs collection is a perfect companion for room decor is among one of the customers favourite item. A kind of quartz that is distinguished by its erratic forms and common shades of grey and bluish-grey, the majority of agates grow as nodules in eruptive rocks, and when they are polished, their inner beauty is revealed. A deep connection to nature inspired the creation of the Agatha modern rug, and the two processes used to create this luxurious rug, hand-tufting and overtufting, further enhance its attractiveness.

Similar to its textile counterparts, the design of a closet is just as essential as the items of apparel in it. Vibrant colours chosen in such a varied atmosphere should emphasise the minimalist wall design, especially in a bright ambience with white walls.

The Colosseum Mirror blends seamlessly with this description, with its immensely regal and alluring gold polished brass body. The Imperial Snake Rectangle Rug contrasts beautifully with the small upholstered item, the black Stiletto Stool, whose legs complement the gold tones in the mirror, and together they create a space for personal care that is incredibly serene.

The more comfortable a closet is, the better it is really appreciated. It is the area where you go to be alone with yourself. With its various white tones and elegance, the White Garden Rug completes the ambience. It is made out of botanical silk that simply translates into comfort and warmth.

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