PullCast Introduces the Texture Collection

Published on : Tuesday, July 27, 2021

PullCast has come to introduce a brand-new collection to its repertoire of decorative hardware designs! Entitled Texture, this new collection seeks to demonstrate how astounding nature truly is by paying homage to its various patterns and textures and transforming them into exquisite ornamental designs for the home.

While simplicity may be the norm for most in decoration, sometimes introducing the extra little dramatic accent can certainly bring a whole level of edginess to a space, case in point, textured hardware. This was the principal basis behind this exquisite collection of decorative hardware, which is comprised of a total of six pieces so far.

Compared to other styles of cabinet knobs or pulls, when it comes to aesthetics and overall decor, textured hardware certainly make the space feel more interesting and substantial.

All of the collection’s designs are presented in brass, whose allure is translated beautifully into nature-inspired motifs that are bound to add a bit of a dramatic accent into any bestowed furnishing or door design. Designed as cabinet handles in three diferente sizes, Macri and Larch are named the very first pieces of this brand-new and exciting collection!

Macri TE6001/TE6002/TE6003
Macri takes after the beautiful textures of nature. Mimicking the patterns of a tree that grows tall, aiming to the sky. This piece has charming lines that will provide delicate features to your interior design.

Larch TE6004/TE6005/TE6006
Larch was inspired by the effect of an evergreen tree and the brilliant color of a deciduous tree. With a texture of needled conifers, this piece reminisces the look of evergreens in the fall, with touches of golden and yellow.

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