Porro debuts 2021 latest collection

Published on : Monday, April 26, 2021

Architectural spaces, formal purity, research into materials, attention to detail and sustainable thinking: as one of the leading brands on the international design scene, Porro is approaching its 100th anniversary faithful to its values, continuing along the path of continuous evolution without forgetting the knowledge handed down from generation to generation and interweaving the past and the future in an ingenious interpretation, that is innovative by tradition.

With a strong focus on modular systems, thanks to the new cutting-edge industrial process introduced in 2018 for the just-in-time, made-to-order processing of panels – with a view to reducing waste and consumption in a lean and environmentally-friendly approach – Porro has offered new levels of freedom to its interior design: tailor-made compositions without any fixed pattern constraints and closely linked to the place that hosts them, for a living environment that is each time unique and very special, designed in harmony with the personality of those who live there.

In its 2020-2021 collection Porro reveals its ability in building worlds: a succession of rooms that open onto each other without any structural or conceptual barriers, where Modern storage units, System bookshelves and Storage wardrobes intermingle and define a sequence of perspectives and views to be explored with continuous surprises, in combination with the new Glide doors. Traditional spaces are expanded and reshaped in a new way, creating an individual shelter that entirely reflects the desires, needs and dreams of its users, complemented by the brand’s furnishings that express exactly the same values.

As the main protagonist of the new scenarios, brand’s visiting card and quintessence of its bespoke possibilities, the Storage system of wardrobes and dressing rooms designed by Piero Lissoni + Porro Research Centre was revolutionised from a manufacturing standpoint: a technical evolution in the name of utmost visual cleanliness that makes Porro wardrobe experience even more intense and exciting. The traditional 25x45mm upright was replaced by the new 25x25mm profile in order to further increase the aerial sensation of extreme lightness. The new profile also provides for more space inside and allows to perfectly match the different types of systems – wardrobe, open wardrobe and dressing room – with fully transparent glass compartments alongside others that are partially or completely closed, in an interplay of full and empty spaces and architectural spaces that are every time different, to be experienced.

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