Penthouse Sofia- a serene destination amidst chaotic city life

Published on : Wednesday, March 25, 2020

With a vision to create a perfect destination for luxurious relaxation, Penthouse Sofia is an attempt to offer serenity amidst chaotic life. Penthouse Sofia “reflects my philosophy of creating an intriguing atmosphere out of an empty space in accordance with my ideas and more importantly, in accord with my clients’ vision and to their satisfaction.”


The apartment is situated on the top floor of a brand new building in Sofia, in an area that has been undergoing a huge urban redevelopment in the last few years. A change that has given rise to a big number of high-rise residential, office and commercial buildings, turning this arguably dismissed part of the city into a dynamic and vivid neighborhood. It has proven to be a great opportunity for the doing of this project due to its immediate proximity to both the historical center of Sofia on one side and the nearby Vitosha mountain on the other.


This interweaving of the dynamic city lifestyle and the serenity of the mountain was the impetus for the continual exploration, expansion and expression of this approach being applied within the development of this realized project. Every step of this work evolved around the idea of a mixture between artificial and natural. On one side, I introduced primal stone and wood, as an explicit reference to the mountain’s intrinsic elements, while on the other side, I have used glass and brass to mirror modernity.


In addition to give the space, even a more complete and distinct energy I introduced furniture of my design blended with leading European brands.




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