MyFace unveils Luxury Haven with Ribbon and Black Marble

Published on : Tuesday, March 23, 2021

MyFace perfectly blends luxury with relaxation and turns spa experience into heavenly delight. As MyFace look at every project as an opportunity to deliver better quality and high-end design while satisfying clients, they bring out the perfect solution to design any space outdoor or indoor. The meticulous attention to detail is the key to deliver a luxurious project that it’s better than what was thought out at first.

When the outline of the space is thought out as planned, it’s important to choose the key pieces to complete the room and that will deliver what’s planned. In this case, the Ribbon Collection was a special and big part of this project, a true masterpiece of luxury with a view of what nature was to offer. There’s a balance between the serenity of the outdoor view with the inside of the spa that provides the full experience a place like this should offer. The Ribbon Black marble collection is a perfect ensemble to the space turning it into an ideal destination for complete relaxation and solace.

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