Muted mesmerizing charm form Battilossi

Published on : Monday, February 20, 2023

Redefine indoors with the new range of warm neutral shades from Battilossi. A new interior concept, where minimalist white and gray give way to delicate colours such as vanilla, cream and biscuit, embellished with meticulous three-dimensional decorations. A journey through the various Battilossi collections to discover “warm neutrals”, carpets with sober nuances where the tactile aspect is the focal point: continuous surfaces that welcome the shapes and volumes of the furnishings, enriching the visual spectrum with new unexpected nuances.



Battilossi’s desire behind the Avita collection is to add a layer of sophistication to a flatweave carpet, usually associated with Kilim and Dhurrie. To achieve this, different weaving techniques and embroidery (soumak) were identified and tested, implementing a more marked and consistent flat surface. The use of phenomenal hues with exceptional color variation, mixed weft wrapping techniques (soumak) and the finest handspun Ghazni wool, give the rugs of the Avita collection a unique and spectacular look, offering an extra layer of depth.



Caleido Concept No.1 represents the first step towards a style which is highly oriented to interior decoration professionals. Design loses its primary function towards an overall, cosy ‘ensemble’, composed by a combination of dense repeated patterns, very difficult and innovative weaving techniques and a highly sophisticated colour palette. Battilossi goes against the flow of the market by creating a collection that embodies the anti-statement rug by excellence.



Concept No. 2 represents a further step in a style highly oriented towards interior design professionals, lighting up the color spectrum and offering unexplored aesthetic outcomes, in the sign of a new sophisticated decorative style.



Caleido Concept No 2 is an interpretation of the concept of complementarity, playing a key role in the development of the brand’s latest collections, as each carpet is modular and in a continuous dialogue with the environment in which it fits.



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