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Published on : Friday, August 21, 2020

A natural, versatile fiber, linen amazes and enchants everybody. It’s wild, in rugged textiles with uneven threads, woven basket-like fabrics, and weighty, protective linens. In a more sophisticated vein, linen weaves in metallic threads that shine like diamonds, and it becomes lightweight and delicate through the magic of floated yarn. A fiber renowned for being dye-friendly, linen loves colour, whether it’s in washed or printed versions.

A creative textile that is instantly enjoyable, linen can take on any number of textures or embellishments.

Napkin Medici

With “Medici” Leitner Leinen goes back in time. Modeled after a Renaissance original pattern “Medici” spans the broad spectrum of Florentine palazzo flair right up to Elizabethan cottages. Available as placemats, napkins, table runners and kitchen towels “Medici” brings aristocratic taste to the dinner table.

Textile No. 4 from Tea Towel from Karin Carlander

All processes made in Europe by a skilled and local workforce. Linen is ideal for tea towels. Pure linen is highly absorbent, dries quickly after use and only gets better with use. It polishes glasses gently to become as clear as crystal. The woven structure of the designs is intended to give the linen ideal conditions to perform. Textile No. 4 has hangers in the top and the bottom. Wash and care: Linen is a natural material that changes structure when washed and with use.

Antea Rug

Custom rug Quality of the yarn – Antea Color – Light Steel Measurements – 255 X 332 Oval Rugs from the Antea collection offers you the best of both worlds. The yarn used for these rugs is made out of a special and intimate combination of linen (70%) and wool (30%). With this type of yarn, they are able to create a unique rug that combines both the features of wool and linen. One could get the softness and bulkiness from the wool, with the strength, durability and shine of linen.

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