Matteo Nunziatti designs new products for KREOO

Published on : Monday, June 29, 2020

The design of some of KREOO new products 2020 have been committed to Matteo Nunziati, who created objects in which the powerful expression and the infinite nuances of stone meet the material feelings of wood and metal, creating a fascinating and chromatic formal language, in balance between timeless memories and contemporary lifestyle.


Pluvio, from the Latin “pluvia”, rain, is a table featured by a marble top that appears liquid, as rippled by an invisible drop falling from above: the result is an elegant and unusual wave effect, an illusion of movement created with profound craftsmanship.

The table is framed by a metal profile that also characterizes its base, creating a refined material contrast and giving the object additional visual lightness.


Drawing an embrace between the two most famous natural materials, wood and marble, is the idea of the Hug sink and tub collection, a balance between two elements that, although completely different, are enhanced reciprocally.

HUG is the name that unites the two new products in the collection. Conceived as a whole, they can also be purchased individually.


Bento is a practical and functional countertop washbasin, characterized by the composition of five distinct interchangeable and removable marble elements.

The sink recalls the idea of the Japanese bentō, a box-tray equipped with internal dividers to hold food. The reference to this traditional Japanese object revolutionizes the idea of a washbasin, conveying the spaces’division into the object itself, with different containers and trays that coexist harmoniously and functionally.

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