Margraf Marble: A Natural Material for Exquisite Exteriors

Published on : Monday, February 21, 2022

Margraf truly excels when it comes to matching and selecting finishes, sizes and shapes that can enhance the exteriors of private homes, residential complexes, hotels and public places. The unique non-slip materials embellish buildings and create a modern, refined sense of elegance, meeting the design, durability and resistance needs of our demanding clientele. The company has a wide range of marble in modular sizes, starting from 30×30, 40×40 and 30×60 cm. There is also a 30/40 cm free-length option. They all start from 3 cm in thickness.


Margraf’s technological research has led to the development of a number of surface finishes that can be used to give distinctive visual results and exceptional slip resistance and safety, especially for exterior paving:


Bush-hammering: this process gives marble a rustic appearance while eliminating any differences and variations. The effect is obtained using a hammer with pyramid-shaped points, and the end result can range from extremely coarse to very fine, with various intermediate degrees of finishes.


Scoring: this involves scoring the surface to create narrow parallel strikes with diamond-coated discs or a wide range of tools with variable profiles.


Flaming: oxygen and gas are used in this process. A flame is applied to the surfaces to be treated at a high temperature (2500-3000°C), causing them to undergo thermal shock. This makes them dilate and crack. The surface texture will appear rough and embossed. Flaming is especially recommended for exteriors, but it must be used wisely and is only suitable for marble that is resistant to sharp temperature changes.

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