Marcel Wanders to present Delft Blue vases at Design Shanghai 2016

Published on : Friday, March 11, 2016

Marcel-Wanders-delft_blue_vasesEight exquisite brand new Delft Blue vases will be on view, as part of a special exhibition curated by Perfect Crossovers at Design Shanghai, from March 9 to 12. To be exhibited at Shanghai’s leading design event, Marcel Wanders’ newest hand-made and performative Delft Blue vases bring the technique back to its place of birth, and start an interesting dialogue.

Since 2006, Marcel Wanders’ unique take on Delft Blue technique has brought Dutch tradition into the realm of international design. Hand-made techniques are accentuated as the designer paints all of the vases himself, thus creating multiples that are undeniably unique. Marcel Wanders’ timeless design builds a bridge between past and present while designing for the future. By bringing his Delft Blue vases to Shanghai, an historical journey comes full circle.

At the end of the 16th century, the blue painted techniques of Chinese porcelain of the Ming Dynasty were introduced in The Netherlands, quickly becoming highly desirable. The expensiveness of the items and the long time it took for ships to travel between the two countries, led the Dutch to imitate the technique and style of the Chinese, and later to create their own distinctive style, known today as Delft Blue.

Wanders shared, “Shanghai is a wonderful place to share our culture of experimentation and creativity, something that is truly embodied in these pieces. I am very excited to exhibit the Delft Blue vases in Shanghai and connect with the audiences of Design Shanghai.”

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