Laskasas presents colour shades for summer decor

Published on : Monday, June 17, 2019

From powerful aquas to soft terracottas, 2019 color trends are taking a more mindful, lifestyle-based approach to the development of new shades. Ben inspired by Laskasas’ suggestions and rock an incredible summer decor!


New Collection for Living Room


Gold and copper details subtly define the tone of this ambiance, a living room that brings home a magical experience.



In a wide living room, the sober tones are an aesthetic that shows at its best. In conjunction with metallic glow, noble and luxurious materials, this is the contemporary answer to the traditional notion of sophistication and opulence.



Seductive living room, full of passionate and soothing tones, that make it a dream space for a tender decoration. With a cozy disposition, the pieces are together and taking full advantage of the space.



Intimate living room, filled with various shades of blue, from the deepest to the lightest and greyest. With touches of leather upholstery, noble woods, and sophisticated metals, this in one decor to remember.


New Collection for Dining Room


Black, gray and beige shades allow this ambiance different plays with natural light. The beige padding of the chairs gives softness, the black of the marble absorbs the light and brings out the white and brown features of its surface.



Know how to filter inspirations, revisit the story and bring it back to the project, making it something new, original and passionate. This is the Laskasas’ creating process, all too evident in this dining room decor.



Brown is the dominant colour in this dining room. Featured in this space is the combination of the wooden dining table with metal frame and the leather chairs. The golden stainless table base harmonizes perfectly with camel leather, combining different shades of the same color with distinct textures.



Dining room enriched by an intense mix of tones, where strong blends of silver and grey are the base and counterpoint for details of colour and luxury. Symbol of status, this is a memorable dining room.


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