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Published on : Monday, July 27, 2020

FOLIUM is the first decoration of the SIGNUM collection designed by Sebastiano Zilio, which reinterprets the use of travertine in the interior design world in a graphic key, in all its different shades. A new dimension of use for this natural stone, used since the time of the ancient Romans, played on the elegance and sobriety of the material, expressing a balanced concept of ancient and natural luxury at both sight and touch.

Pure engravings on the material, organic signs that enhance the language harmony, for a new declination of a de-structured and perfectly balanced texture.

In Folium, the organic detail of the plant’s world shapes the stone and becomes a decorative element. Through the engraving, the architectural elements that make up the structure and the rib of the leaves are enhanced and imprinted: pure, stylized, non-invasive signs that dialogue with the texture and natural colors of travertine.

The composition, in the material-color combination, gives energy throughout the space, in a dynamism of signs dictated by the nature.

The textures STONE CITY and ZEN designed by Marco Piva for Kreoo are born from the incessant search for new possible interpretations of marble.

STONE CITY: Marble skyline

Stone City is a texture evoking the skyline of a metropolis, represented with spatial simplicity and volumetric rigor, in a figurative urban grid of stone, with a playful contrast between different depths and heights. The engraving of marble is a strong graphic sign that recalls the architectural environment of an imaginary Down Town, in a game of symmetries, contrasts and lights.

ZEN: Meditation in waves

Zen’s lines are a celebration of the sinuosity of nature, the softness of the sea waves or the dunes of a desert of sand, an asymmetrical fluidity that instills a feeling of calm tranquility and connection to the earth.

A refined modulation enhanced by the processing of the material at different depths, with a play of reliefs that interacts with the veined textures of natural marble.

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