Konstantin Grcic creates Primo chair for Mattiazzi

Published on : Monday, May 15, 2017

Primo chairThe Primo chair, a straight-legged archetypal chair, has been designed by Konstantin Grcic for Italian brand Matiazzi. It has been designed using only the most stripped-back elements, with its plain square seat sitting atop four vertical legs, chosen by Grcic to give the chair a strong architectural presence.

The back legs extend upwards to support a curved chair back, which has been slightly tilted to lend the chair some comfort, as well as contrast its straight lines.

Grcic shared, “I felt like Mattiazzi had one chair missing, and that was the most archetypal, simple chair. A chair that you feel exists, but actually doesn’t. I wanted Primo to have very upright geometry, and I think a chair that has completely vertical front and back legs has a very different presence. It relates to space and architecture.”

Primo chair is designed for home environments as well as public spaces, and comes in beechwood as well as black lacquered and gold finishes. There is also an upholstered version of the chair made from solid oak.


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