KBSA Research Reveals Effective Social Media Activities

Published on : Wednesday, August 6, 2014

KBSANew research from the KBSA shows that 70% of members are upgrading their websites in the next 12 months, following their campaign promoting the key role websites now play in today’s business plans. Following the publication of the Members’ Guide to Google Analytics, usage has increased to 71% from the previous level of 46% 12 months ago.



With the indisputable fact that social media activities help improve website performance, 66% of KBSA retailers now use social media platforms – with the most popular being Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The KBSA are about to launch their new website following member research project. This site will be consumer focussed and is targeted at helping all consumers who are researching a new project, and point them towards a retail member who can deliver that project to their complete satisfaction.


Graham Ball, Chief Executive Officer, said ‘The results show clearly that you cannot stick your head into the sand when it comes to web and social media. They are absolutely vital parts of our business activities today – irrespective of what type of business it is. If you don’t embrace it completely, you will never be on the front row. If you do, then customers are more likely to visit your showroom and buy from you too!’’.



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