iSaloni connects emotions with opportunities

Published on : Wednesday, January 18, 2023

iSaloni gears up to connect emotions with opportunities in a new way. Communication approaches reached new dimensions as they roped in some of the finest talents for the upcoming campaigns.  “Design as a common language in all the cultures of the world, and thus universal, is the concept underpinning the new Salone del Mobile campaign, designed on one hand to draw attention back to the archetypes of design and, on the other, to allude to the importance of dialogue and possible cultural cohesion founded on the universal language of design, which is spoken by the thousands of people who descend on Milan during that particular week.


Like an alphabet, the Salone is a system of connections and opportunities and an emotion – it transmits energy, positivity, enthusiasm and enterprise – all feelings that Gio Pastori’s Pop and contemporary collages, an undoubtedly new take for the Salone, manage to transmit immediately and powerfully,” said Maria Porro, President of the Salone del Mobile.


Gio Pastori had this to say: “Illustrating an ABC of objects is a method that invites people living in Milan and all around the world to re-learn how to read them, to dig down into their souls unhindered by trends or brands. The apparently simple request from the Salone del Mobile via Leftloft was to put the spotlight on the objects as the essence of the Salone. My take on it was to come up with a vivid colour combination, disconcerting at times, to delay the immediate focus on the subjects. Essential lines and discreet volumes appear in a dreamlike, shifting atmosphere, dictated by erroneous perspectives and unlikely axonometries.”




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