Incipit to showcase DAMA Edition at Maison&Objet

Published on : Friday, January 19, 2018

Incipit_Nassa_Incipit is a Milan-based creative lab and business whose aim is to nurture young talent, share skills and business acumen, and promote young designers. This time they are going to highlight some of the most extraordinary projects executed by designer Federica Biasi – The DAMA Limited collection at Maison&Objet which starts today and will run till Jan 23 at Paris.


NASSA Colorful Ceramic Vase by Roberto Sironi – Nassa is a vase line by Roberto Sironi showing warm colours and tactile details, inspired by sky, earth and sea. The traditional fishing tools are the base of the designer’s inspiration to conceive Nassa. Detectable on all coast areas by the Mediterranean Sea, they are a proof of the brilliance of fishermen, who intertwined watergrass to make bell-shaped tools – the typical detail – with a hole on the top to gather fish. Built in different sizes according to the kind of fish they wanted to catch, these traditional instruments are nowadays falling into disuse, due to modern intensive fishing techniques, but they are a historical testament of the fishermen civilization, especially Mediterranean.


Roberto Sironi evokes this concept by designing Nassa, which recalls fishing nets in its shapes and proportions. Available in two sizes, it is made in ceramic and coloured with engobe; it is characterised by a nautical rope, in cromatic opposition with the vase matter. This small rope acts like a belt, dividing the matt part from the polished one, to recall tradition with a contemporary twist.


Like every Incipit product, Nassa vases are made in Italy by local artisans and craftsmen.


ElmettaSmart_ELMETA Smart Colorful Table Lamp by Tommaso Caldera– A version of Elmetta desk lamp is presented as part of the 2017 collection, a table version of the cult lamp Elmetta. In this new variation the lamp acquires an even fresher mood, dynamic and pop. The new features of Tommaso Caldera’s Elmetta Smart are the colourful anodized diffuser and the polished bent metal handle, that creates an interesting tone-on-tone effect. . The new Elmetta Smart is perfect for every room: in silver and black variants for an elegant minimalistic space, red, blue and green variants for playful young spaces.


Like every Incipit product, Elmetta Smart is made in Italy by local artisans and craftsmen.


Other products are: Metal wall clock and metal containers.


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