IKEA unveils new furniture collection designed for pets

Published on : Wednesday, October 11, 2017

ikea-pet-furnitureIKEA has launched their first ever furniture collection designed especially for pets. The Lurvig collection, designed by Inma Bermudéz, includes dog beds, cat houses, scratching mats, feeding bowls, bags and toys. When developing the collection, the Valencia-based designer worked alongside veterinarian Barbara Schäfer to make sure that different behaviour types and habits were being accounted for.

Bermudéz says, “It’s really important to use an animal’s natural needs and behaviours – like how they sleep, eat or play– as a starting point. Dogs will definitely chew on their toys and bring in dirt from their daily walks. Cats will definitely scratch on most surfaces and are sensitive to smell and texture. So safe, durable materials are very important.”

Bermudéz’s 62-piece collection covers the basic areas of sleep, eat, play, travel and walk. The range also includes scaled-down versions of iconic IKEA products, such as the Klippan sofa.

For sleeping, she designed the mini Klippan sofa, a treehouse-like hideaway, and cocooning inserts for Kallax shelving units.

A “friendly-smelling bed” is designed to be filled with owner’s old clothes and blankets, while a bed frame can be used as a cosy nook or turned upside down as a kennel.

For dinner time, she developed a shallow bowl that encourages dogs to eat slowly. She explains, “Cats are generally good at regulating how much food they eat, however a number of dog breeds still retain the desire to overeat. That’s how the slow feed bowl became part of the Lurvig range. By using a design that breaks up a bowl’s internal surface area, it prevents the dog from being able to inhale their food in one or two gulps.”

The rest of the collection includes reflective leads and collars, a travel basket, a play tunnel and a brush.


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