IKEA introduces 3D-knitted furniture

Published on : Friday, December 30, 2016

IKEA PS armchairThe Swedish furniture company Ikea has revealed the PS 2017 armchair – their latest chair design that uses 3D knitting technology. It is a part of the brand’s PS collection which focuses on new techniques and experimentation with materials and sustainability.

The 3D-knitted chair features a mesh back and sides stretched across a powder-coated steel frame. Using a digital knitting process, that is more common in the footwear industry (most popularly used in Nike Flyknit shoes), the stretchy fabric mimics the comfort of a hammock and is designed to be semi-transparent and lightweight. The minimalist and compact design is meant to appeal to urban city-dwellers. It offers the sitter a very comfy, almost personalized sitting experience.

The 3D-knitting process is said to produce durable furniture that is able to withstand years of wear and tear as well as regular stretching.

Sarah Fager, one of Ikea’s in-house designers, was responsible for the PS 2017 armchair’s innovative design, and she credits 3D knitting technology as being an essential part of the chair’s comfort and appearance. She says, “At IKEA we have been curious about this 3D knitting technique for some time. We have all seen it being used in those colorful sneakers and it’s a really smart way to produce things, since it’s fully automized and this knitting machine can be placed at any supplier to combine it with other materials in a product.”

The 3D-knitting technology uses computer-controlled machines to knit fibres into complex, seamless shapes based on a digital design. Ikea’s 3D knitting machines can reportedly work with wool, linen, cotton, and polyester.

The PS armchair comes in two different colours – pink or grey with a white or black frame. It will be available in the market from February 2017 onwards.


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