GRAFF presents EXPO bathroom collection

Published on : Thursday, August 11, 2016

Expo_GRAFF_800_x_500Developed around a simple wooden frame, EXPO is a creation by Studio Nespoli e Novara. Alberto Novara, architect from the Lombard studio, recounts: “The EXPO project was born from the memory of an old, solid wood carpenter’s table, used for woodworking as well as a display surface for finished products.”

EXPO is based on a unique collaboration between craftsmanship, traditional materials and design. The bathroom collection proposed by GRAFF is designed to furnish a captivating, open environment.

The GRAFF vanity unit is characterized by a versatile modular aspect enabling the furniture to be arranged according to each specific bathroom design and customer desire.

The washbasin is made of Corian®, a smooth, pure material, resistant to humidity and scratches. It is characterized by a large, rounded and symmetric basin, inspired by the natural fluidity of water. Its consistent shape rejects complex models to unite an essential and minimalist style, never out of tune, always elegant and contemporary.

The chest of drawers, made of wood, provides two extremely spacious drawers and the option of a set of practical dividers.

The natural and open concept of the EXPO collection is also visible in the mirror: with a wooden structure and a circular shape, the mirror displays a harmonious and symmetrical look.

The collection is completed by a unique set of hanging wood shelves with a design that resembles a ladder resting on the wall.

EXPO is available in a matte white varnished finish.


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