Fratelli Boffi launches classical Ironic Designs to accentuate comfort and style

Published on : Monday, February 3, 2020

Wip up an interesting tete-a-tete over a steaming cuppa at the fresh ironic collection from Boffi. An ensemble of classic ironic collections are here from Boffi to awestruck your guests at the coffee conversation. So, include the following characters in your room from Fratelli Boffi.


Heel – design Fratelli Boffi Studio


Heel is a family of coffee tables with ironic character, an object that distorts the classic model with unexpected and irreverent details. Looking at the marble top and the polished mahogany structure, Heel looks like the classic bourgeois coffee table of yesteryear. Looking down, we are surprised to notice that, instead of tips, the feet of the table have shoes, camperos boots and high heels respectively depending on the two versions available. The detachment from the past is also chromatic; the detail, in fact, contrasts the glossy mahogany of the structure with the bright blue lacquer of Prussia.



Oblù by Andrea Mancuso | Analogia Project is a mysterious container, a magic box that partially hides and partially reveals its use. The elegant rectangular structure, made of pear wood and supported by two burnished brass semicircles, is characterized and embellished by circular openings that reveal the marbled decoration within, almost as if they were windows or perhaps portholes overlooking onto another dimension. These decorations recall the traditional manual technique of marbled paper in a hyper decorative peacock tail variant. The choice of blue, in the designer’s project, recalls a marine setting seen through a porthole (Oblò in Italian), as the name of the chest recalls.



For the collection, D/Vision, Ferruccio Laviani implements a process of decomposition and separation, on different levels. Starting from the trumeau – a fashionable item back in the 1950’s – Laviani redesigns its outline, making it an unexpected, surprising object, while still unveiling its original shape. The collection is made up of three versions: D/Vision .0, D/Vision .1, D/Vision .2. IRONIC DESIGN




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