FLAMANT presents unique products to convey unique story

Published on : Tuesday, September 1, 2020

FLAMANT creates everything one needs to turn the house into a warm home; a quiet cocoon in a hectic world. They do this with the greatest care for quality. Every FLAMANT product is made in small workshops and in accordance with authentic methods. FLAMANT travels the world to find the best artisan products and that way, all their products have their own unique stories.

FLAMANT designs furniture to create cosy interiors – a quiet cocoon in a busy world, with the utmost attention to quality.

Discover the world of FLAMANT


Bossa is uniquely crafted by raw wooden material. It is beautifully crafted with sleek designs that definitely tells the story of aesthetic.


Jacqueline is conceptualised with the combination of armchair and sofa. The grey colour holds the peak of elegance and describes the true sense of art.


This particular product holds the maximum style statement and deliver a diginity. Edinburgh is another name of sophistication. This leather form comes with dark brown colour tells the unique story of chesterfield.

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