Essential Home unveils a myriad of colours in Dubai

Published on : Saturday, July 30, 2022

“A Myraid of Colour”, a colourful apartment located in Dubai, was designed by Bconnected, an interior design studio that is driven by freedom, authenticity, confidence and courage.

Inspired by dreams “A Myraid of Colour” is composed of a children’s room, a master bedroom, a family room and the fantastic living and dining room. This project tells the most picturesque story ever, serving every purpose for every person living in this house: “Each room has a different purpose but they all have a conversation together and in this conversation they proudly show eachother and share their particular personality.”.

Characterized by the predominance of colour, Christine Leja afirms that “colour is of the utmost importance in life, whether we are aware of it or not. In this particular case we had the privilege of having a client that relishes with our designs and gives us “carte blanche”. Being it a very large family and a very lively one, the colours we chose are the physical expression of each member’s smiles, laughs, thoughts and essence of life. In this project, our client allowed us to go to our own playground and simply enjoy and go the full length of our vision.”


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