Essential Home presents 2020 Colour Trends

Published on : Monday, October 21, 2019

Essential Home sees the Future without leaving the past.


It’s that time of year when colors dominate the world, from fashion to interiors and design. But while they wait and predict, and Essential Home is putting all in on the pastels. The world is on a new phase from gender equality, to more awareness on the planet and emotions. Pastel represents that these gender-neutral colours bring more peace, freshness, and youthful vibes.


‘Neo mint’ for EH is the top colour for 2020 this colour represents a fresh tone of green that has a cool futuristic feel thought to be fit for the new decade ahead; in fact, it is a colour chosen to harmonize science and technology with nature.


In addition to this, neo mint brings some nostalgia “the past”, while at the same time taking into consideration the “present” and forward-thinking to the future too. Now, more than ever, they recognize the importance of the environment and the preservation for future generations and neo mint represents this.


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