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Published on : Monday, July 12, 2021

Inspiration is a very powerful thing – it makes the world a better place and makes people fall in love with the simplest things. Your home or design project should also make you fall in love, so today we’re showing you some amazing interior design inspiration with stunning mid-century furniture and lighting that will surely make you fall in love with the stunning collection from ESSENTIAL HOME!

Feel totally relaxed in this modern and luxurious bathroom with a touch of nature and a whole lot of personality and uniqueness. The bathtub features stunning tiles in a typical design, part of Portugal’s heritage, and a charming addition to any home.

This neutral modern dining room features classic lines and textures. A statement suspension lighting piece creates a perfect balance between the art, touch of nature and the textured sideboard. With a soft palette and beautiful pieces, there is no going wrong with this interior!

In this bedroom, luxury doesn’t get lost amidst playful and charming furniture and lighting pieces perfect for a child to enjoy. Soft velvets and beautiful patterns with touches of gold and pastel colors, this bedroom is a dream come true.

In this soft pastel blue bedroom, the ocean is the main theme and it’s complemented beautifully with a soft velvet bed and stools, stunning wallpaper and a to-die-for statement lighting piece that offer touches of gold to the room.

If you appreciate pink pastel, then this bedroom corner is for you! This rose gold seating piece mashes the best of modern design with a playful charm. A neutral velvet rug and a beautiful velvet stool are all you need to complete this look.

A neutral bedroom that will become a child’s dream come true, this soothing and relaxing space features soft materials and a touch of modernity that makes it timeless and charming. Add a pastel color palette and classic neutral tones and you have the perfect child’s room.

For a charming pink bedroom fit for a small child, a pink velvet bunny bed with a beautiful round nightstand is a great fit for a modern home. This magical bedroom is irresistible and will be your child’s safe haven.

This magical playroom features a balloon-shaped small sofa and is surrounded by pastel colors and a velvet rug for extra comfort. This sky-themed playroom is definitely an irresistible inspiration for your home.

Want to truly up the uniqueness in your home decor? How about taking inspiration on this beautiful pastel pink room? A bed embedded in a van, stunning armchair and stools, even storage arragements… it all comes together to create an incredible interior.

This child’s bedroom focuses on a green and white color palette with a wood details in the wall. A pastel pink velvet bed looks amazing against a forest green wall with touches of nature. A white floor lamp and rugs are perfect to finish this room.

This white, pink and gold corner is perfect for a relaxing moment. A bulky pink armchair with round lines is timeless and works perfectly with a statement floor lamp and patterned rug.

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