Die Wäscherei sofa design nominated for German Design Award 2023

Published on : Monday, December 19, 2022

The new Wäscherei-Designed Sofa Limoncello is an organically shaped design statement, nominated for the German Design Award 2023.



Hamburg based furniture store Die Wäscherei is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a round of Limoncello: that’s the name of the new sofa design the in-house design label is once again breaking with classic conventions and shaking up the market.



A sofa inspired by the sunny south: Limoncello is warm and voluminous, at the same time softly upholstered and fresh in design, showing exciting elegance and playful details. The focus is on the rounded, organic form, which shows a pleasant contrast to the prevailing straight lines on the market. The eye-catching piping seams in contrasting colours can be individually selected, as can the upholstery fabric, giving the sofa a lively and special character. Last but not least, the asymmetrical backrests make the sofa a unique design statement – which was immediately nominated for the German Design Award 2023.



Wäscherei-Design set trends

Die Wäscherei is a furniture store and design label at the same time. After the straightforward and Scandinavian-inspired Sofa Fumo, the creative department of Die Wäscherei once again shows its extravagant character with Sofa Limoncello. Despite so many straight lines, nothing seems edgy in the furniture business anymore. Die Wäscherei is trying to break new ground with designs like these.


Limoncello is available in numerous colours, covers and two sizes (300×145 and 240×115 cm). The piping can be chosen in the colour of your choice.


German Design Award 2023: Special Mention for Sofa Limoncello.

The new Wäscherei-Design wins: Sofa Limoncello was awarded the Special Mention prize at the German Design Award 2023. Shortly before the deadline, Die Wäscherei was able to submit a first prototype to the German Design Council and already impressed the jury with it. Limoncello thus appears in a row with other award-winning furniture designs of the Hamburg based label, after Sofa Credo was already able to win the award in 2020.



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