Covet House welcomes witching season

Published on : Saturday, October 17, 2020

Once again the witching season has arrived has Covet has the perfect solution to create the spooky mood. Autumn has arrived and with it comes the season of scares and spooks. As the world is entering in a festive season from October to December, and the nightmare before Christmas is upon us. Halloween is probably (and most likely) the most fun and exciting holiday in all year. Costumes, spooks, candy and haunted houses, a lot of thought and planning goes into providing the perfect spooky yet refined ambience. But that doesn’t mean that the decoration for this season has to be a nightmarish task.

The first curated selection of items to redecorate or simply provide your living room and entrance with a more somber and dark appeal is the Goth Aesthetic. Not a ground-breaking idea using gothic for Halloween, but some traditions are better kept untouched. Creating a look that’s not too overpowering or even tacky is quite difficult on this holiday, especially in home decorations. An item more can overthrow the all aesthetic into a campy look, and providing a deluxe design is about finding a balance.

With black fabrics and small details, like the ones used in the Guggenheim Chandelier by Luxxu, mixing with the gold finishes and materials, a refined and exquisite combination, giving homage to the holiday, and creating a somber appearance without being too obvious. This inspirational set also mixes the use of small details, namely the snake and the octopus-shaped handle Octo by Pullcast, that transports the mind to a realm of fantasy full of dark and mysterious creatures. The shape of the Mistress Banquette by Koket provides a vampiric and gothic look that represents the beating heart of this selection.

With a bit more modern and contemporary aesthetic, this next set is a bit more eclectic. Still paying homage to the blacks and golds but with a much more organic and erratic appearance. Another curated selection, with items carefully selected to appeal to a Halloween aesthetic but also provide a cohesive design, but most of all, to tell a story. Inspired by fluidity, duality, and craziness of the mind, this set of casegoods, lighting, and accessories is a mix of various styles, just like a confused and eccentric mind. The Shield Mirror by Maison Valentina in this selection, represents the duality, the brain, the mind: the right vs the wrong. Bringing light to new ideas, just like a little spark beginning to sparkle in the brain, echoing in the mind, is the Cay Wall Lamp by Brabbu, that with its fluidity represents the emerging and ranging thoughts. Compartmentalization is crucial to not going insane, have all of our ideas inorder. The Kahn Nightstand by Essential Home is that representation, of the calm, clear, and relax the spirit. On the other hand, the Inkaholic Rug by Rug’Society represents the opposite: madness. The erratic, impulsive, deranged minds, with unknown symbols and red details that resemble blood spatters.

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