Christian Halleröd to design the Trend Exhibition at Stockholm Furniture Fair

Published on : Monday, October 30, 2017

stockholmChristian Halleröd design will design the Trend Exhibition – EN-AW 6082 – at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, February 6-10, 2018. CHd has designed store interiors for Acne Studios and Byredo, among others. The exhibition investigates themes such as real, fake and craftsmanship and is a collaboration with the Materials Library.

EN-AW 6082 is the name of an aluminum alloy that is suitable for welding and can be anodized. It is strong and has excellent corrosion resistance.

The interior trends in recent years have been about looking to both the past and the future. There has been growing interest in fundamental, real materials, such as wood, metal, glass and leather, as well as handicrafts made from these materials. There is also a second, parallel trend emerging primarily in the industrial sector and various industries since “real” materials are becoming scarce or morally indefensible to extract and thus are being replaced by man-made imitations, which are often called “fake” material.

Another clear direction in interiors is inspiration from the art world, either in the form of cooperation with artists or conceptually in the work with rooms, furniture and objects. Given the major transformation that is taking place within the retail trade due to online services, etc., in-store behavior has changed dramatically.

“It has become more important to offer an experience to visitors when they walk into a store since the act of buying the product can be handled online. This is why many retailers are interested in broadening their approach to their interior, and they are looking toward the art world to enhance the customer experience. We want to display these trends in our exhibition at the fair. EN-AW 6082 is an installation about material consisting of monumental objects that delve into these themes. The name EN-AW 6082 also alludes to the material references in the exhibition,” explains Christian Halleröd.

The installation is a collaboration with the Materials Library, which in a pedagogical part of the exhibition shows in a more concrete manner the materials utilized by Christian Halleröd design. With material samples as illustrative examples, the Materials Library pushes the boundaries for what is real and what is fake.


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