Cassina Maralunga Sofa Bagged Wallpaper Design Award

Published on : Saturday, February 14, 2015

news_03_0Cassina Maralunga Sofa, which is designed by Vico Magistretti, awarded Wallpaper Design Award 2015 for the category ‘Best Reissues’. The timeless design icon which celebrated its 40th birthday last year with a new version, Maralunga 40, and a limited edition, Maralunga Mercurio Vivo, has been awarded a ‘Wallpaper* Design Award 2015’ for the category ‘best reissues’.


This is the third award that Cassina has received from the renowned international lifestyle magazine. While ABBA were busy winning the Eurovision Song Contest singing Waterloo and Ernö Rubik was inventing the twists and turns of the world’s most famous cube, Vico Magistretti was completing one of his most renowned models, acclaimed winner of a Compasso d’Oro award.


The Maralunga Sofa immediately made its mark as an article with great strength and impact on the international market. The concealed innovation in the way its headrest could be moved to give a low or high back-developed from a simple bike chain- its reassuring appearance and the extreme simplicity of its soft padding, fully summarise the salient characteristics of its design.

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