Brokis had a great time at imm 2018

Published on : Tuesday, January 30, 2018

brokis imm 2018Brokis, leading manufacturer of handblown glass lighting, kicked off the year with multiple installations at the imm Cologne 2018. Brokis presented the craftsmanship of master Bohemian glassmakers in an installation of levitating geometrical boxes. An artistic conception of nature as the source of life and energy was portrayed by Capsula lights in an installation, and the latest vision for lightplay by the brand’s art director, Lucie Koldova, was on display in the prestigious Das Haus project.

The new Brokis installation concept was based on translucent textile boxes and a shelf system made of perforated metal, which combined to contrast with the pure and sensual aesthetics of the lights. The monochromatic installation incorporating suspended textile boxes and industrial shelving showcased nearly one hundred lights from the newest collections, such as Macaron, Knot, and Puro, as well as from the popular Mu¬ins, Balloons, and Capsula collections.

Brokis CEO Jan Rabell said, “The design of our lights is timeless yet sophisticated, and we put the same emphasis on functionality. We don’t create museum sculptures but products designed and engineered to enhance people’s quality of life, and the only way we can do that is to constantly innovate and strive for technological perfection.”

For example, the brand recently introduced an exclusive new colour in the Capsula collection, and the Knot collection has been updated with a new S size light, a new table light, and wound jewellery linen for the cord that is so characteristic for this light by Italian designers Chiaramonte Marin.

brokis_imm_2018Brokis was also the main partner of the prestigious Das Haus installation, whose author this year was designer Lucie Koldova. Together, they presented a concept of contemporary living in the form of a simulated house comprising light cells, in which light, appearing in various forms and manipulated in various ways, not only completes the space but primarily supports its function and specific atmosphere. There, for the first time, the public was introduced to the unconventional lighting concepts Puro Sparkle, Jack’o Lantern, Ivy, Big One, and Puro Fire, which have arisen from a synthesis of original design, outstanding quality, and a passion for light. Complemented by earlier Brokis collections, Das Haus was both an experiment of light and a synthesis of a modern concept of living.

The third Brokis installation, the green garden, was a celebration of life and nature metaphorically rendered in light. Capsula pendant lights formed seeds, cells concealing a source of light – life – beneath layers. They represented light as the source of life.



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