Benjamin Hubert designs Tent Chair for Moroso

Published on : Friday, May 19, 2017

tent chair - morosoLayer, the design studio headed by Benjamin Hubert, has used the innovative process of 3D-knitting to produce the Tent Chair for Moroso. Made from a single, seamless piece of recycled nylon, the shape of the chair is based on the construction of a tent. Each price comprises of over two million knitted loops and 50,000 metres of yarn, with integrated cushions and sleeves into which a steel frame structure can be inserted.

The chair is crafted using digital knitting technology, which allows for a single production process to be used effectively during manufacturing. As with a tent construction, the knit is tensioned using guide ropes made from a high-performance sailing rope.

Hubert says, “The combination of stretch, support, transparency, padding and three-dimensional form in one seamless knit makes Tent one of the most advanced pieces of upholstery constructed to date. The lightweight construction conforms to the shape of the user, and has generous seating proportions to deliver high comfort and support.”

The knitting technique allows for cushions to be integrated into the chair’s main fabric – something Hubert claims to be a world first. “It is the largest digital knitted structure to our knowledge that has ever been produced,” states the designer.

The furniture is made from 100% recyclable knitted nylon and can be used both inside and outside. The knitted cushions are breathable and allow water to pass through them and creating a suitable seat for all weather conditions. As the chair’s padding is integrated into the knitted element, there is no need for additional foam – making the chair a more sustainable seating solution.


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