Ballerina- The journey is the reward

Published on : Thursday, October 1, 2020

Kitchens, living rooms and furnishings have become the main point of focus on the list of customer desires as a result of the pandemic. But it has also shown us that goals can change quickly and that new approaches become necessary. This relates to both lifestyle habits and furnishing styles.

Endless creativity may beexpressed boldly yet in a subtle way through their contemporary approaches in  Art Pepper, steeped in the new trend colour, the true alternative to black. Art Pepper is a warm, dark shade of grey that compliments all of the current warm-white tones, stone decors and wood decors. LEGRABOX ART and LEGRABOX Inox the under-floor guide system is setting the new standard for the demandson upscale kitchensThe perfect synchronisation provides noticeably smooth easy running. The ART version of LEGRABOX is the standard equipment for Ballerina kitchens in the pure and free range.


The LEGRABOX pure system in the ART version offers the advantages of a full pull-out in conjunction with the smoothest cushioning as a high-quality underfloor guide.


The first sustainable cutlery organiser from natural materials, the environmentally friendly OrganiQ composite has a natural fibre content of 78 percent – hemp and kenaf in equal quantities. The remaining 22% is made up of meshed duroplastic bonding material, water-based in manufacture and free of formaldehyde and phenol resins.


This consists of rough-haired stems and lobed leaves of the plant Hibiscus cannabinus. The fibrous plant from the mallow family is similar to jute, but is less sensitive to light. Furthermore, it has good tensile and flexural properties with a low density.


This is one of the oldest and most versatile cultivated plants known to man. The advantage of the fibres lies in their very good resistance to wear and tear – the products feature a longer service life. They can be reused through recycling.

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