Australian Furniture Association Evolved Over the Years

Published on : Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Australian FurnitureIn recent months the Australian Furniture Association, (AFA) has conducted a full strategic review of its organisational structure, services and role in the Australian furniture manufacturing sector. Interviews were conducted with participants across all levels of the industry supply chain in order to develop a strong foundation of information, knowledge and expertise to inform the future direction of the AFA.


Supported by government, the research that was undertaken has provided a tremendous understanding of the past, present and future opportunities which exist for the industry.  Overwhelmingly our members and stakeholder partners have identified that in order for the AFA to continue to grow and serve its constituents, our services must be relevant and meaningful to a greater audience and wider target market. The industry employs more than 250,000 people nationally and our intention is to reach this audience, either directly or indirectly, by adopting significant platforms of communication, strong engagement strategies and targeted services.


AFA, along with its affiliates, represents the interests of the furniture manufacturing sector and is recognised as the voice of the Furnishing Industry by the government, media and the general public. Membership covers manufacturers of both residential and commercial furniture in addition to suppliers to the industry, retailers, allied associations and key stakeholders (such as testing and training organisations). AFA Members benefit from being part of a collective and respected voice to government.


AFA’s public policy positions are continually developed through ongoing analysis and consultation with members and our team regularly provides submissions, on a wide range of areas, to various Parliamentary Committees, independent bodies, commissions, and to government.



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