ALPI previews 2021 collection

Published on : Monday, March 8, 2021

The ongoing exploration of forms and aesthetics in the expressive languages of wood is narrated in the new collection of wood surfaces by ALPI, developed together with Piero Lissoni, where the company presents the results of its in-house research on the theme of color. The protagonist par excellence of interior design, colour has always been a field of experimentation in constant evolution, which like many others ALPI has explored and interpreted across its history, demonstrating its ability, in this specific case, to forge beyond the natural identity of wood and to suggest new conceptual dimensions.

The new “French Palette” collection, which will be presented in April in the ALPI showroom in Milan, takes its cue from French painting in the early 1700s, where the tones were often delicate, light not without a daringly vivid touch of luminosity.

Every colour is the result of careful study, during which Piero Lissoni, together with the technical division of ALPI, has gauged and balanced every single nuance to achieve the desired effect. “The new colours formulated for ALPI are extremely modern, but ancient at the same time. I have approached the wood as if it were a fresco; we have passed from the painting of the Enlightenment to the French imagery of the 1600s and 1700s, but before that I stopped to look at the paintings of Veronese and Titian. They are hieratic colors, but at the same time they speak an exceptionally modern language.”

Piero Lissoni

This effect is achieved thanks to the special ALPI production process, a type of workmanship poised between industry and tailoring, which breaks down and reassembles wood in its infinite varieties, finishes and patterns, giving rise to a unique and versatile proposal.

Wooden surfaces with superior qualitative characteristics, with unlimited solutions, in the catalogue or custom-made, easily reproduced in time, to respond to the various creative requirements of designers. Together with the launch of the new colour collection, ALPI begins a new collaboration with the English design duo Raw Edges, who have created new woods for the brand which will be unveiled in April.

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