Alluring storage unit systems by Fratelli Boffi

Published on : Saturday, November 5, 2022

Fratelli Boffi’s brand-new storage unit system, Storagemilano, is exquisitely made from rich woods, skilled craftsmanship, vivid nuance, and polished details. With eclectic irony, this one-of-a-kind craftsmanship tries to interpret the storage unit in very unique details.


The multi-purpose Babel cabinet by Storagemilano is formed of overlapping volumes, filled and empty pieces, which revolve around a central axis and change faces depending on their orientation. An homage to the innovative, elegant, and ironic architecture of the city of Milan by Angelo Mangiarotti and Bruno Morassotti. It includes rotating pieces and two optional heights. Different containment functions have been built into the design of each part. A core module with vertical strips of glossy-finished mahogany is spaced out among the overlapping modules, each of which is lacquered in a distinct colour.


The magic box known as Oblu by Andrea Mancuso is an exquisite rectangular construction, which is made of pear wood and supported by two semicircular pieces of burnished brass, is distinguished and enriched by circular openings that show the marbled decoration within, almost as if they were windows or portholes looking out onto another dimension. These ornaments are a highly ornamental peacock tail variation on the classic hand technique of marbled paper. As the name of the chest implies, the designer’s use of blue in this piece evokes a maritime scene seen through a porthole (Obl in Italian).


The Kimbolton is a storage container with a strict, squared outline that combines a rigid, modern design with classically inspired ornamentation. The frontal component is separated into two or four doors, each with a “streaked” wood motif that converges in the middle to create an intricate geometry reminiscent of the French interior design from the early 1930s. The quality of this item can also be seen inside, whether it is lacquered black or the version with a mirror in yellow leather on the upper portion and matching leather drawers on the lower part.


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