Stéphanie Coutas

With sheer passion and devotion to craftsmanship, Stéphanie Coutas is one of the most sought-after interior architects, celebrated for creating elegant, warm and minimalistic interiors. Designing several villas and apartments in the Middle East, as well as taking onother projects in Burgundy and Paris brought instant fame.

FAE: It is a voyage for you to explore the world of fashion and interior designing both in a single life. If you can tell us, how has been the journey so far?

Stéphanie Coutas: The journey in the designing process is always wonderful because every day is a new beginning and we are living in close contact with all artistic people in a world where and freedom and new ideas are the 2 main goals

FAE: What according to you is Design and what encourages you to create impressive designs so far?

Stéphanie Coutas: Design is about people and how object should be useful and beautiful at the same time. I like to imagine unique and glamourous objects. Challenge is what keeps me running.


FAE: How did the Montaigne collection happen. Can you share the story with us?

Stéphanie Coutas: Montaigne collection started during a meeting with THG where they asked me to collaborate with them and create a collection that they wanted to launch during Milan’s show. I have had in my mind the idea of using marble as a faucet marble and I wanted it to be very minimalistic in the shape and yet sophisticated in the making. THG was the perfect partner with a high-quality finishing and a high level of craftsmanship. As you know I am very attached to French manufacturing and we chose a very typical marble “Grand Antique” which is a French career.

FAE: If you can enlighten us on THG Paris products and impressive craftsmanship? What encouraged you to select nude themes and elegant hues for the interior ? You have the wonderful ability to create magic with lights and recreate living spaces. Tell us about your unique projects and interior works.

Stéphanie Coutas: When building a private home project as well as on my hospitality projects, comfort and spectacular pieces have to blend in. I always design my private homes with the personality of the owners and the ability to invent a world of their own seen through my eyes. Houses or hotels have to be spectacular and cozy at all hours of the day and night, this is why working on lighting is very important on all of our projects.

FAE: What are your main design influences that motivated you over the years?

Stéphanie Coutas: My inspiration comes from my passion for contemporary art and all my various travels. I am very eclectic in my taste and I am not afraid of combining different worlds and styles.

FAE: Tell us about your upcoming projects and future plans in interior designing?

Stéphanie Coutas: I am currently working on a crazy 400sq private spa inside a private mansion which will be absolutely extraordinary. We also have 2 hotels and around 15 residential homes all over the world projects in progress.

FAE: And, last but not the least, what would be your piece of advice to the young designers?

Stéphanie Coutas: Passion and heavy work are the main required qualities.

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