Delivering the concept of daring design aesthetic, exquisite design and lavish presentations making the products elegantly beautiful fused with authentic love from an owner has resulted in the establishment of a successful design house, Janet Morais. The brand from Janet Morais creates a dramatic statement and impact on the viewers. Janet felt the love for design and through the true love that comes out is manifested in her exclusive designs.

Right from the beginning, the design house has been interpreting the meaning and language of lavishness and luxury. Janet Morais is rapidly evolving itself and captivating the design industry with their glamorous projects. The devotion and sensation that can Janet Morais delivers is something very individual. We bring you to the highly desirable world of designs – Janet Morais- LOVE HAPPENS. Get ready to fall in love.

FAE: Magnificent showcase at Salone del Mobile. Tell us about your experience at the show and feedback.

JANET MORAIS : Salone del Mobile is the world’s most prestigious platform for design and furnishings, being a part of this showcase was an incredibly rewarding experience. This was KOKET’s fourth year of participation and with every passing year our presence grows larger and more elaborate. We are now unveiling new products every January at Maison& Objet in Paris and Salone del Mobile in Milan.

The public loves the luxury in our design and finishes, our textiles are a showstopper, we offer everything from luscious velvets to metallic leathers, our textile collection sets us apart in the furnishings industry.

FAE: ‘LOVE HAPPENS’ is the tagline of KOKET. What motivated you to choose this tag?

JANET MORAIS : KOKET’s mission statement is to create empowering statement pieces that stop our target audience in their tracks, when love happens we lose our minds and commit irrational actions, such as acquiring that one piece that makes all the difference. Given the nature of our product, and the story behind the brand it makes complete sense to say Love Happens with KOKET.

FAE: KOKET has delivered outstanding collection of designs. What has been the most unique design till date?

JANET MORAIS : All our pieces have a story associated to them, some more powerful than others but the most unique piece we have designed is the Devine cabinet, which is covered in iridescent peacock feathers, a gold leaf pagoda and lined in antique mirror – a real trip into the exoticism of the orient.

FAE: If you can share with us your idea behind the establishment of ‘feminine soul’?

JANET MORAIS : The way the brand talks, leads and presents itself is with grace and confidence. The company is run entirely by strong and dedicated women who strive to empower other women through design, build their confidence through support in the workplace. Empowering women through the KOKET network across the globe has always been one of the brands prime focus and we proud to say that we have left a piece of our soul across the world.

FAE: ‘Ruche’ the table lamp – your latest product, looks unique. Can you please elaborate?

JANET MORAIS : The Ruche table lamp is a very sexy interpretation of a woman leather boot slouching down her leg, a tribute to the 80’s decade of exuberance and gold lame. Many of lived through that fantastic decade while others will grow to appreciate it through our ruche lamp.

FAE: How does KOKET manage to make extraordinary designs with unique concepts?

JANET MORAIS : KOKET has taken design back to the drawing board to redefine a more confident look with daring lines, metallic effects, graphic prints on smooth surfaces, reinterpretations of classics and an overall courageous new style. Careful study is made to understand what a woman wants and needs, fashion and lifestyle trends are followed carefully and reinterpreted through our collections.

FAE: Tell us something about ‘Asia’ Chair. Did you get any idea or motivation from Asian design?

JANET MORAIS : Asia is one of our largest influencers, many of our designs have a touch of Asia, the Devine cabinet with the iridescent peacock feathers and pagoda top, the Camelia with the hand caved peacock and mother of pearl, the polished lacquers and luxurious silks, and the Asia chair is a tribute to the James Mont chair, done in solid brass with a modern touch to it.

FAE: Do you have any plan to extend floor lighting collections except chandeliers and table lamps?

JANET MORAIS : Extending our light collection is one of our priorities for this year, our focus will be on chandeliers with coordinating sconces and table lamps.

FAE: When can we expect to see another new collection of KOKET?

JANET MORAIS : KOKET will be launching new pieces at the Paris 2018 Maison & Objet show; we will be showcasing the new lighting collection as well as new case goods.

FAE: Is KOKET concentrating on emerging markets in Asia and Middle East?

JANET MORAIS : Yes, we have been in those markets for several years now, we are seeing increasing interest in our products daily, today we have a very strong present in both Asia and the Middle East, our finishes and luxurious touches are strong attention getters in those markets.

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