Jitrin Jintaprecha

Jitrin jintaprecha from Thailand share with us his design, journey, projects and more.

FAE: What motivated you to get into design?

Jitrin Jintaprecha: My design will come from my needs and inspire as different periods of my life.



FAE: How did you create the concept of an average of 100 designs a year?
Jitrin Jintaprecha: The concept will follow the marketing plan, the production process, and inspiration that occurs in my everyday life



FAE: How did you come up with a unique idea to make ‘iFreeze Chairs’?
Jitrin Jintaprecha: My inspiration came from the impression in watching film about iceberg and art of origami (folding paper).



FAE: How do you describe your own design style?
Jitrin Jintaprecha: Style is modern and contemporary and form follows culture.



FAE: What has been your most satisfying project till date?
Jitrin Jintaprecha: Next project!



FAE: How do you describe your all-time hit “kanjana” Collection?
Jitrin Jintaprecha: The design of all in perfection, concept of most simple, but more details and hidden complexity.



FAE: What changes have you noticed in recent years in Thai Design?
Jitrin Jintaprecha: The manufacturers have turned to develop their own design products, unlike before when the used to produce as per purchase order. For the consumers, they are more interested in the specific design.



FAE: You generally use lots of material to make a unique product. How do you balance to put all these stuff into your design?
Jitrin Jintaprecha: It would be according to the skills and capacity of each factory or company that I work for.
For example, Wood production, will be using wood for certain product about 70-75% and other materials about 20-25%



FAE: What would be your piece of advice to the young designers?
Jitrin Jintaprecha: I love all of my designs. Each work will contain lots of stories and underlying meanings. Try to notice all of my works roughly and then select one you like and ask me. I’ll tell you the story.



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