David Lopez

David Lopez Quincoces – the Milan designer who grabbed the success in short span of time, has lived in Milan and has been in association with the famous Italian designers. We were fascinated by his design, success, his life and of course his creativity, and fortunately enough we got a chance to bring him more close to you. Read on.

FAE: How was iSaloni? Share us something about your impressive collections in iSaloni.

David Lopez : iSalone was as usual quite stressful and dynamic, in one week you concentrate too many events, presentations, meetings….. but always fruitful!

FAE: What ‘design’ means to you?

David Lopez : A way to express myself, my ideas and aesthetic point of view. It’s a process, a way of thinking that translates in an object that interacts with normal day life experience.

FAE: How did you get into design? Was there any defining point of your career?

David Lopez : It was a normal process of evolution in my career, as part of the daily process of creating custom furniture for our projects you decide to start thinking in a possible industrialisation, to create your one pieces to use them for your projects.

FAE: How did you come up with the unique concept like ‘Brasilia’?

David Lopez : Pure formal process, working on details of other projects you start sketching and you arrive to an interesting idea of how to make the leg, from there I started developing more and more sketches until I arrived to the final form. From there the difficult part of the process started….. how to build it, but that is another story.

FAE: Your collections in iSaloni were splendid. Was there any specific motivation to concentrate only on seating collection in this year iSaloni?

David Lopez : No, in reality I came up with two seating objects, Nina & Georges and a table, Brasilia. There were other projects on the portfolio but we didn’t have time to develop them.

FAE: How has been your association with the Italian brand Living Divani?

David Lopez : Always great, it’s really inspiring to work and share with their team the whole creative and prototyping process.

FAE: What are the primary things you look for while designing a project?

David Lopez : Depends on the project, I like to approach each project as a new adventure, a new process, sometimes you try to enhance the material which you are working with, sometimes the structure of the object, the materials…. I think that the primary things is the language that ties beneath each of my projects, proportion, pureness, simplicity.

FAE: ‘Salvatori Silo’ – one of your spectacular collections of last year. How did you come up with this impressive hanging light creation?

David Lopez : In this case the startup point was to work with the specific material, marble, trying to explore it and work it as you would work with metal, and adding the special properties of the marble itself, translucency.

FAE: What is the most satisfying project in your life till now?

David Lopez : There is no special project that I would highlight, each of them are special, a single adventure with its own rewards and satisfactions. Just having the chance to continue working and creating …..

FAE: What are the recent projects you are working on?

David Lopez : It’s too early to tell right now, you will see in the next Salone, hopefully a lot of nice products.

FAE: Lastly, what would be your piece of advice to the young designer?

David Lopez : To work hard, nobody but you is going to get things done.

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