Softwall Paper Wall Divider from Molo

Published on : Thursday, January 1, 2015

softwall_paper_wall_divider_04Molo always surprises its clients, visitors by producing attractive yet useful products. Like Benchwall Paper Partition which was an example of useful yet sophisticated and stylish sitting product. A unique version of Sofa. The idea and concept which they adopts is totally different from any others creativity.


Another creativity that is presented recently by Molo is Softwall Paper Wall Divider. Softwall Is a paper wall divider offering adaptability and flexibility that traditional, inflexible wall dividers cannot. The unique, planted design software allows interior spaces to be easily changed to suit evolving needs.


Softwall paper wall divider are constructed a lightweight honeycomb structure that allows them to expand and contract. The honeycomb uses a economy of material  (easily seen looking down upon the open cellular structure), but can extend to an impressive 4.5 metres. In its expended form, the wall divider remains lightweight, being made up of 95% air and only 5% material.


While standard wall dividers have predefined form and heavy structure or bases, softwall is completely self supporting and can be formed and reformed as needed. Softwall Paper Wall Dividers require no tools and no hardware.


In addition to opaque paper wall dividers translucent textile versions of softwall allows diffused light to enter or exit partitioned spaces. These translucent wall dividers can also be illuminated with energy-efficient LED to radiate refined lighting for events, commercial spaces, home/loft interiors and etc. Degrees of opacity, transparency and luminosity add further advantages to softwall over solid dividers.


Softwall+softblock is a patented, modular partition system that allows users to creatively make and remake space, it is part of Molo’s family of foldable paper furniture, the soft collection, which includes expandable paper partitions and room dividers. All designed by Stephanie Forsythe + Todd MacAllen.

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