Porro marks 90 years at Milan Design Week

Published on : Thursday, May 21, 2015

PorroOn tiptoe, and with the discretion which has characterized it from the beginning, Porro arrives at its important 90 year milestone faithful to its unusual recipe for living, its unique mix of minimalism and experimentation. On the one hand are hyper-accurate systems in which every centimeter is carefully calculated, the surfaces refined and the materials precious, to design architectural spaces of the highest quality which are always different as the result of a sartorial approach to choices among a particularly wide range of finishes, and on the other hand special objects which condense all their characteristics on a small scale, releasing energy, technical expertise and creativity.


The perfect place to unplug and rest, the Porro home is a series of elegant spaces with an open and welcoming spirit, punctuated by furnishings that illuminate them in contrast, a balance between the purity of the architectural forms and the attention to details.


The main interpreter of the Porro style, Piero Lissoni has a two-pronged approach: define unique and modern interpretations of the company systems but at the same time take part with his mastery to the 2015 product collection.

The link between the bedroom and the living area, Mast, the new Porro system, featuring a nautical lightness but a graphical linearity as well, providing for the best and highest expression freedom. Inspired to the sailboard masts where to trim sails, Mast exhibits reduced thickness circular metal uprights where to fit cantilevered glider-wing shelves: a new design for the walk-in closet or a unit for the living area, creating aerial strongly visual and impressive compositions, with a perfect balance between function and aesthetics. Must-have system for the most creative free spirits, Mast allows to furnish the space with no limit whatsoever and to get customised tailored-made solutions, attracting the view while making the house unique. Between the vertical sequence of thin metal units and the horizontal cantilevered wood units, it is in fact possible to freely fit hanging modules, preciously refined with a 45° corner jointing, selecting the finish among the preferred 16 woods and the 24 Porro colours, mixable inside the same unit, with a different interior-exterior finish as well, creating wall pictorial effects.


Ipercolore is a small family of raised sideboard on metal feet, playing with the contrast between the clean and minimal design and lively matters, a coloured melting pot enchanting thanks to the fascination between the chrome matching and the precious bright lacquer. With the same expressive strength of a picture and the typical balanced proportions of Lissoni, Ipercolore is a bright and deep collage, where colours freely glide on surfaces creating a continuous geometrical pattern. It is possible to choose between 2 formats in the colour shades of red lightened up to yellow and orange. If the low sideboard with pull-out sliding doors is perfect to furnish a bedroom or a living, next to sofas and the TV set, the cupboared with 4 hinged doors stands out in the dining room next to the table, to store kitchenware and objects.


The creative understanding of the company continues with the Front, the Swedish designers who have become the spokeswomen for a personal and free approach to design, drawing upon different worlds and mixing up their inspirations. The Ellipse Table is indeed a sculpture born of the encounter between two volumes: the surface and base are two regular ellipses balanced on each other which experiment with a daring support on curved surfaces.

Ellipse Table has a delicate yet majestic design which pays homage to the ellipse, a shape of great appeal with innate grace. From a functional point of view, it’s a table with a unique, powerful design, conceived in a proportion which can fit into any home and is able to accommodate from 6 to 8 diners comfortably.  Made in Dulver®, a solid surface, 100% recyclable, extra-light, the Ellipse Table is an original and functional table as well for the living but an exterior furnishing table as well, with sculptural proportions, standing out as a unique unit, extremely versatile indoors and outdoors as well.


Porro also starts the collaboration with one of the most promising young design studios of the moment, GamFratesi, or the couple Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi, whose approach to the project combines the craftsmanship typical of the Danish classic furniture with the conceptual process typical of Italian design. Is the spirit of the traveller who determines the elements and lines of the daybed Traveller, translating the resting pleasure in unknown places, the fear and at the same time the happiness of a mental journey between day memories or an abstract and imaginary journey in a dream world. Natural and honest materials, as the structure  in black painted metal on which to place towels and clothes, the saddle stretched natural leather on the backpart, strong but gentle to give the body a comfortable support, and finally the meshed fabric embracing the mattress and cushions, caressing them, as it is simply enough to stand among cared details, even to the other end of the world, to feel the pleasant sensation to be at home.

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