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Published on : Monday, March 19, 2018


On the occasion of Light + Building 2018, from March 18 to 23 in Frankfurt, the Spanish lighting brand Vibia presents new collections by renowned designers Stefan Diez, Arik Levy, Note Design Studio, Lievore Altherr and Antoni Arola. With the collections North, Musa, Structural, Tempo, Guise and Palma, Vibia presents a wide range of new inspiring lighting collections ready for sale and suitable for private and public interiors.

As a special highlight at Light + Building 2018, Vibia showcases for the first time a development of the lighting series GUISE by Stefan Diez: the evolution includes pendant and ceiling solutions of the intricate LED light by the Munich based designer. With GUISE, Stefan Diez has developed a new application of LED technology, integrating light into the material.

Another special feature of Vibia’s Light + Building 2018 presentation is the launch of the collection STICKS by Arik Levy.

Vibia - GuiseGuise

With Guise Stefan Diez has discovered a new potential use for LED technology in contact with matter: The light emanates from the piece of glass, while the source remains invisible. With this approach Guise achieves a magical effect and at the same time is fully functional. Because of the transparency of the glass when switched off the lamp almost disappears. When switched on it expresses a luminous and almost magnetic presence.

The collection includes pendant lamps, both vertical and horizontal, that allows them to be placed over dining tables, offices or sitting rooms and circulation areas, with single fittings or multiple configurations.

The wall sconce version with a different formal expression features a glass disk that gives off a perimeter glow where the Led light source is also hidden. When turned off it becomes fused with its background, when on it evokes a solar eclipse.

Vibia - Muse



Created by Note Design Studio, Musa is a lamp of organic qualities that attracts the eye due to its lighting function. It features a delicate and elegant design where a symbiotic interaction is established between the small hand blown opal glass sphere and the dish that holds and reflects it.

The distinctive composition of two circles, one of light and the other of support, marks its balanced formal expression and its functional performance as a lamp. The slightly textured concave aluminium base captures the light from the simple diffuser and amplifies it smoothly. It’s made in three colour options: white, salmon and mink grey, that adds to the warm quality of the lamp.

Musa is designed as a wall sconce and table lamp there is also a portable model with its own battery lending it complete autonomy. Its capacity of being able to work anywhere underlines its poetic physical form.

Vibia - North


North Floor-Pendant

With North, designer Arik Levy has come up with a new category of lamp: one that fuses a floor lamp and a suspended lamp, recreating a floating effect. A long carbon fibre rod, its lightweight and flexible qualities making it the perfect support, hangs from the ceiling via an almost imperceptible steel cable. A counter-weight at floor level guides the electrical cable from the conical shaped shade to the wall socket and makes it possible to place the light fitting in any desired position. With its essential design, North pierces the air extending its luminous coverage while defining a space without overwhelming.




Vibia - Palma


Antoni Arola was inspired by the beauty of historic hanging gardens with the creation of Palma. And other references closer to home such as Mediterranean rationalism, giving his design an element of cultural continuity. It’s a lighting system that introduces the planting normally associated with daylight in the outdoors, to an indoors setting.

Palma’s design is based on elemental forms, its luminous quality expressed though a warm quality dimmable light. It is filtered by two glowing half spheres of blown opal glass, joined together by an aluminium ring, in a graphite or white finish. The classic globe, slightly flattened here evolves towards a more organic form and the suspended version with an almost imperceptible cable support accentuates the floating sensation.


Vibia - Structural



The STRUCTURAL lighting collection designed by Arik Levy for Vibia is based on the combination of cubic volumes that together create integrated sculptures within the architecture of the spaces where they are provided.

Through the playful combination of direct and indirect lighting, STRUCTURAL provides a powerful magical light that bathes walls and other surfaces with an intense lighting effect. STRUCTURAL deconstructs the light sources and integrates them with the architecture, placing the light in unexpected locations while generating impressive compositions of elements.

The different elements of the collection that includes sconce, ceiling lamps and wall-wall lamps provide subtle variations in lighting effects. New and unexpected configurations are made possible. The light can be introduced to the corners of a room.

The LED light sources are accommodated within aluminium boxes, providing an intense light that avoids glare. The volumes are connected together by square section metal profiles that allow the sources to be separated in space and form an integral part of the overall composition.

There are two finishes available: graphite and cream. Light sculptures that become integrated with the architecture. STRUCTURAL could only have been designed by the magnificent teaming of Arik Levy and Vibia.

Vibia - TempoTempo

The designers of TEMPO were inspired by the search for a universal language of lighting that could be brought together under the umbrella of a single system. To do so Lievore Altherr explored lighting archetypes from different cultures and regions around the world, concentrating on three that are reduced to their most essential expression; a collection of suspended light fittings supported from ceilings or cantilevered arms.

Each of the archetypcal lamps is clearly legible in the final collection, expressed using three different glass diffusers that provide different lighting effects based on their differing shapes.

One a classic bulb under a disc shape refl ector that directs a general ambient light downwards; another reinterprets the classic opaline globe through a softly rounded ovaloid shape with progressive translucence that emits a general and ambient light; and a version of the angular opaline lamps that provides a diff use general light.

All of the various elements belonging to the TEMPO collection are inspired by degrees of luminance and the interplay of opacity, translucence and transparency. Each of the lamps provides a solution for diff erent lighting situations and can be combined with pendant or arm support structures. The common thread for all three strands of the collection is the creation of atmosphere and ambience.

TEMPO is available in pendant and wall sconce versions. Both versions come in disc, angle lamp and opaline bulb options. The fi nishes are graphite black, matt cream white, green and terracota.


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