Modus Unveils New Collaboration with Sir Kenneth Grange and Jack Smith

Published on : Thursday, August 21, 2014

modusModus will be unveiling the first collaboration with Sir Kenneth Grange and Jack Smith – April. An exclusive installation in Clerkenwell showroom will reveal the new April modular system in all its sculptural versatility and effortless elegance. Launched in Milan, the April sofa is now joined by a complete system of modular components that offer the potential for a myriad of design options from simple and straight to complex, serpentine meanders.


The April sofa is a first for prolific designer Sir Kenneth Grange, whose formidable career spans some six decades and has produced some of the most recognisable and seminal designs of our time. As a pioneer of user-centred design, Grange believes that much of a product’s design value lies in its ease of use. April bears out this philosophy in its ergonomic which encourages better posture with no compromise on comfort.


April is the result of a close collaboration between Sir Kenneth Grange and erstwhile student Jack Smith, a fusion which unites experience with youth. This union, combined with the manufacturing excellence of Modus, has resulted in a sofa of unrivalled grace and immense versatility.


April can be intimate, inclusive, an inward curve encouraging interaction, ideal for informal meetings. Or April can curve outwards, offering greater separation and space in a public environment. April can be structured, linear and formal, dividing vast areas, or lithe and sinuous, creatively flowing around an obstacle and imaginatively separating space.  Superbly adapted to the commercial environment, April’s capacity for flexibility of form, for diversity of free shaped configuration, enables endless, fluid possibilities.



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